Signeerattu kappale Olli Tammilehdon vuonna 2002 ulkoministeriölle tekemästä köyhyysraportista, 75 sivua. Yhden taalan kysmys -kirja perustuu tähän raporttiin.

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Olli Tammilehdon kirja "Globalisation and Dimensions of Poverty" signeerattuna

Olli Tammilehdon kirja "Globalisation and Dimensions of Poverty" signeerattuna


Yhteenveto (Summary in Finnish)


1. Introduction

2. Income and consumption poverty

“Trade liberalization is good for growt
“Growth is good for the poo
The World Bank’s poverty statistics

3. Multidimensionality

4. Poor health

Growth health
Information health
Health statistics

5. Powerlessness

Free choice of one alternative
Economic tyranny
Undemocratic North

6. Insecurity and vulnerability

Economic insecurity
War and globalisation Secure globalisation?

7. Socio-cultural poverty

Education statistics
The big picture
Radical monopolies

8. Poverty, richness and common wealth

The kingly rich Enclosure of the commons
Political technology
Against mutual aid
Enclosure in the South
Collateral damage
Common wealth in a commonwealth
Ideological screen

9. Conclusions


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