Olli Tammilehdon toimittama raportti vuonna 1999 Helsingissä järjestetystä seminaarista, johon osallistui öljyn tuotannosta kärsivien alkuperäiskansojen edustajia ympäri maailmaa.

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Olli Tammilehdon toimittama "Indigenous Peoples and Oil - Report of a seminar in Finland" -julkaisu signeerattuna

Olli Tammilehdon toimittama "Indigenous Peoples and Oil - Report of a seminar in Finland" -julkaisu signeerattuna


Ulla Lehtinen: “Indigenous peoples and oil” events in Finland 1999

Olli Tammilehto: A civilised world or a bloodsucker of the earth?

Background information on oil

Russia’s oil production

Florian Stammler: Where does our oil come from?

Yeremei Aipin: Russia’s oil industry and the development of rights of indigenous people

Agrafena Sopochina: “We Live on what the earth carries on itself”

Yuri Vella: Kogalym-Lor – the lake where a man died

Bruce Forbes: Industrial development in the Yamal-Nenets Area

Lidia Okotetto: I no longer understand the tundra that has loved me

Grigorii Anagurichi: A clash of civilisations at the ends of the world

Charity Nenebari Ebeh: The Ogoni experience

Magda Lanuza: Oil production in Central America

Ecuador and oil

Arturo Yumbai Iligama: The war against the poor Colombia, the U’wa and oil

Roberto Afanador Cobaria: Oil is blood of the earth

Workshop 1: The strategies of oil industry and the responses of indigenous peoples' movements

Workshop 2: Networking of indigenous peoples threatened by oil and gas exploration

Workshop 3: Northern Dimension

Communique of the participants in the seminar “Indigenous Peoples and Oil”

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Back cover text

The series of events “Indigenous Peoples and Oil” that has resulted in this publication was organised by the following Finnish and Estonian NGOs: Committee of 100, the Committee on Finno-Ugric Issues of the Student Union of the Helsinki University, the Finland-Russia Friendship Society, the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, the Finnish Branch of Service Civil International, Finnish Peace Committee, the Fourth World – First Peoples Finland, the Friends of the Earth Finland, Information Centre of Finno-Ugric Peoples – SURI (Estonia), the M.A. Castrén Society, PAND – Artists for Peace, the Service Centre for Development Cooperation, the Shell Boycott Campaign, Tinku Finland, Turku International Meeting Point, the Varsinais-Suomi Branch of Finnish Nature League and Visio. In the organizing committee there were also several independent activists and researchers.

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